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 more quotes from public websites about CF!

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more quotes from public websites about CF! Empty
PostSubject: more quotes from public websites about CF!   more quotes from public websites about CF! Icon_minitimeMon Jul 27, 2009 11:59 am

Hi every 1 here are more quotes to discuss them hope u like it!!

Quote :
member since: May 11, 2006

This show is about a boy who has a square shaped head. his name is milo. he is a little kid, and after when he goes to this comic store, and he didn't get what he wants, he decides to become a super hero. he notices a flamingo and thinks it is so graceful and magnificent, so he decides to become.... captain flamingo!! he has a partner who's name is lizabeth and she has a crush on milo. she somehow appears every where milo is and helps him when a little kid is in trouble. he helps little kids, because according to him, no one sticks up for little kids. he's kind of absent minded because what ever lizabeth tells him, that is useful ,he thinks like it is used for something else instead.

hmm CF intro?
nice afro

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member since: Feb 4, 2006

This is probably one of YTV's best shows, probably behind Fairly OddParents and SpongeBob SquarePants. The plot is that young Milo Powell is sick and tired of being left in the dust by older bullies. So, he decides to become the superhero Captain Flamingo. Captain Flamingo is always on the lookout for bad things happening to little kids, such as being transported back in time and from pretty much pointless problems, like protecting them from fish oil. This show also has humour in every episode, whether it's potty humour, Milo being clueless or the breaking of the fourth wall itself. The show is also animated as though it was a typical flash cartoon on Newgrounds, but that doesn't make it bad. There is also the acting. Personally, I think they made the right choice hiring Tabitha St. Germain to play Milo (who had previously played Sandi and Grandma Kelley on Being Ian). As for the sound, it usually suits the mood of the show perfectly, light-hearted most of the time, but still rather dark at times. Overall, Captain Flamingo is an enjoyable show that will appeal to all audiences, except for those who aren't fond of stories about five-year-olds and older people with droning, robot-like voices.

yes this is way better than Fairly odd parents and spongebob

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member since: Mar 18, 2006

They goes for a walk at the beach and he tells him she feels a lot better now when he seems to give things a try when it comes to him. She knows that he really loves her and now she hope he will accept it and give him a chance.

hehe i think he will give her a chance in the future Razz

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member since: Mar 1, 2006

for me.... its a thumbs up for the kids. totally funny, especially the episode that the warrior monkey was doing a super wedgy on all the kids in town. i suggest that the kids should watch this cartoon. WE in PASI took this cartoon out for Milo Powell!

no only kids evry 1!!!

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member since: Nov 15, 2005

this show sucks its about some bird boy in a pink costume helping jerks and beating up samurai mnkeys i cant beleive they put this instead of MLAATR who ever likes this can jump intoa bridge and be eatten by sharks unless your a 0-8 then i guess you could like but overall this show sucks buttox

uR totally wrong MLAATR is cr*p they make an intelligent decision to replace that program whit CF!!

well thats all in this post i will make other posts of quotes to discuss Smile

tanks 4 reading this Very Happy !
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more quotes from public websites about CF!
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