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 Captain Flamingo First Fan IN Forum !!!

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CaPtAiN FlAmInGo
CaPtAiN FlAmInGo

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Captain Flamingo First Fan IN Forum !!! Empty
PostSubject: Captain Flamingo First Fan IN Forum !!!   Captain Flamingo First Fan IN Forum !!! Icon_minitimeMon Jul 27, 2009 2:22 am

I all I love this tv show a lot and i want to make this site the best for future fans and my friends i have a clan from a game and i use this same type of forum look at it hope u lk it ! Smile

if u want i can convert this site from these....
to these:

this will be great if u give me a chance to make it as moderatos in the forum i know many about graphics and i know to moderate this line of forums.

well about me Im from toronto, canada and i love video games and tv programs i manage one of the best clanse ever in xfie sup clan and i love music and videos, graphic things, and go out to parties xP lol! if u need help whit something just tell me im not here for interest im here for be loyal fan!!! from my favorite tv program =P , afro ..
CP 4 ever!! Very Happy
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Captain Flamingo First Fan IN Forum !!!
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